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Benefits of using Derek Wood Associates Ltd.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the provision and operation of efficient telecommunications systems is now a vital part of any organisation's infrastructure. These systems, by virtue of the technology they employ, are exceedingly complex and to ensure their successful acquisition, implementation and subsequent operation, requires a high degree of technical expertise.

As can be seen from the company profile, Derek Wood Associates has specific expertise in many aspects of business. In addition to this, as demonstrated in the enclosed personal profile, Derek has significant practical experience in the field of Specification, Adjudication and Project Management of hotel telephone systems world-wide.

In addition to this, Derek Wood Associates Ltd., who are an independent company of telecommunication consultants, have extensive experience in a variety of telecommunication related disciplines. For example our practical experience now encompasses:- 

  1. Network (Voice and Data) design.
  2. Project management of related installations.
  3. Telephone Exchange capability assessment and selection.
  4. Design and project management of within-site structured cabling schemes to serve both Voice and Data applications.
  5. Project management of new telecommunications systems and/or their alteration.
  6. Formulation of overall future telecommunication strategic plans.
  7. System cost justification.
  8. System operation and user training.
  9. Cellular communications - selection and operation

By utilising Derek Wood Associates expertise and experience you will :

  • Make sure you do not make the wrong decision. Technology is moving at such a pace, unless you are continually updating yourself with the latest developments, you risk making the wrong decision, which can be costly.
  • Compliment your existing IT department. But will not overload them when specialised, one off projects arise. You will therefore save time, money and resources by outsourcing the specialised research required to produce a telecommunications technology solution.
  • Ensure totally impartiality when selection is made. Derek's reputation since 1986 has been based upon the fact that he is unbiased and totally independent.
  • Ensure that his experience within the hotel and leisure marketplace will guarantee that your technical solution is tailor-made for your company/hotel.
  • Have the confidence in knowing that the final solution is the most cost effective for your needs.

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